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Science is the Body of Wisdom


As in Adam (or ignorance) all men die, so in wisdom all men shall live, but every man in his own order. Wisdom is first and then every man, according to his own understanding of it. Science, being the body of wisdom - every man's science shows the capacity of his intelligence. So as ignorance, being the embodiment of matter - just as the matter (or body) is dissolved by the science (or wisdom), the scientific man rises out of his matter (or darkness) and shines in his wisdom. This is the change called by the natural man “death” - and so it is, but not of the wisdom (or science); but of error.

Man has two identities, as mechanical power - weight and velocity. And his senses are attached to both. Wisdom, being the first cause - as the weight (or error) (or natural man) is forced on by wisdom through the scientific man, the weight is destroyed by the velocity of progression; and the scientific man finds himself out of his errors and learns that the weight of error, to him now, is nothing but an idea that he can use for his own convenience.

Then he will see that wisdom and mind are as separate as a steam engine is from the man who made it. But the man of error puts life in the matter, as though the engine and man were one and the same; and reasons as though, if there never had been a man, there never could have been an engine, any more than an engine could make a natural man. Both are matter; but matter must go through changes before it becomes a medium for the light of wisdom to form (or create) scientific truths and develop them by a science. For instance, all wisdom exists outside of any ideas. Matter, being an idea - it must be subject to wisdom. So science is the developing of matter, according to the principles of wisdom. The natural man develops himself, according to the principle of matter; but the wisdom of the creator, not being in matter - the natural man and brute are governed by its own law (or principle).

But there is a higher and more excellent law (or principle) that matter knows not of. This principle teaches the scientific man that matter of all kinds and descriptions in the material world is subject to his science (or will); and man himself, as we see him, is nothing but the shadow of an idea that science can change at pleasure - just as a man knows himself. So the death that we speak of is the enemy to progression, for it keeps matter in a gross state and retards progression. It is the darkness that science has to wade through. It is the cause of all the misery, for it acts on science as the cold winters act upon the earth. It closes all the avenues of life (or vegetation), till the heat of summer bursts forth, and life springs from the tomb. So error holds science in the grave of death, till the trumpet of wisdom sounds through the pores of matter and quickens the soil and heats up the earth.





Dr. Phineas Parkhurst Quimby



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