Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

Dr. Phineas P. Quimby



March 1861

I am often asked where I differ from a spiritualist.

In everything - but as this is an opinion to you - I will try to make it clear.

The spiritualist believes in the dead rising - and they sometimes say there is no such thing as death. Now let us see what their works show.

What is life?

All will say - it is what a man knows.

So his senses are attached to his wisdom... his wisdom is made of opinions... and his senses are attached to his opinions. His opinions embrace all beliefs. So to destroy his belief, you destroy his senses - for they are in his belief - and a part of it.

Let us see what his belief embraces.

In the first place, he believes in matter, called "living matter" - that has life - for he says that life (or matter) must die (or perish).

Now here is the contradiction in the spiritualist's belief. They deny that the dead rise - but if the dead do not rise - what are the dead?

You are pointed to a man lying motionless, and to all appearances - even according to a spiritualist - dead. Now is he dead - or is he not dead?

The spiritualist may answer, "The body is dead."

Was it ever alive?

You must say, "Yes," for I point to a man moving around and ask you if that man is dead, and your answer is, "No."

Then he must be a living man and - according to your belief - we have a living man and a dead one.

Now where do they differ?
Here is the mystery.

Their belief, like all others, flies right back to the old superstition which they all believed - that the dead rise, and in this fog, they get lost - like all others.

Now let me help you out of your belief. You are a man of opinions - and your senses are attached to your opinions - and your belief makes no separation between your wisdom and your belief.

Your belief is matter, so that when the matter ceases to act - the senses also cease - for you have no wisdom above the opinions of man.

I will show where I differ from spiritualists - and, in fact, all other sects. My theory is founded on the fact that mind is matter, and if you will admit this for the sake of listening to my ideas, I will give you my theory.

I assert that, according to man's belief, there are certain facts admitted and established beyond a doubt, and as my wisdom is not of this world (or belief) - only in part - what I know I have no opinion about.

All knowledge that is of man is based on opinions. This I call this world of matter - it embraces all that comes within the so-called "senses."

Man's happiness and misery are in his belief.
All the Wisdom of Science is of God - and is not of man.

To separate these two kingdoms is what I'm trying to do, and if I can succeed in this, I have accomplished what never has been done - but what has been the aim of all the learned philosophers ever since the world began.

The secret of life and happiness is the aim of all mankind - and how to get at it is the mystery that has baffled the wisdom of the world.

Now I should never undertake the task of explaining what all the wise men have failed to do - but for the want of some better proof to explain certain phenomena that come under my own observation - which have never been explained, from the fact that the error exists now as much as ever.

The remedies have never destroyed the cause, nor can the cause be destroyed by man's reason - for science cannot admit what cannot be proved. Until some better proof of what we see and hear and feel can be produced, the world must grope in darkness and skepticism.
My object is not to strike at any science that is established.
I admit such - for fear I may be misunderstood.

I will separate the two worlds of which I am now speaking - and show what one has failed to do - and also that the other is not acknowledged independent of the first.

The world of opinions is the old world, that of science is the new world - and a separation must take place, and a battle must be fought between them.

The world of error and opinions has held science in bondage ever since man began to act independently of the savage life.

The child of Science has been nourished in the bosom of its mother, in the wilderness of error, till it grew up so as to assume a character - then when it has undertaken to assume its rights, it has always been met with the thunder of error.

But as it is so much of a friend to the happiness of man, the enemies (or error) could never prevent its growth - for that was in the scientific world. That world has no matter - or it is so rarefied that the error cannot see through it.

So the Scientific Man can pass through the errors and instruct the child of Science - till it bursts forth and becomes a man (or law). Then the natural man (or error) destroys its leaders - and falls down and worships the scientific laws - and acknowledges them as king of this world.

So as the Science is now acknowledged, the kings of the earth are cut off - and the kingdom is divided against itself. The leaders, with their armies, flee into the wilderness - there to rally for another attack when any new science is started.

Now the Science of Life and Happiness is the one that has met with the most opposition - from the fact that it is death to all opposers. It never compromises with its enemies - nor has any dealings with them.

Its kingdom is of Science - not of error.
Therefore it is not of this world of matter.

I will give you a declaration of its laws, how much it admits, how much it condemns - and how it puts its laws in force.

Its habitation is in the heart of man.
It cannot be seen by the natural man
for he is of matter
and the Scientific Man
is not matter.

All he has are his senses
there is his residence for the time.

He has no abiding city
but is a traveler (or sojourner)
in the world of matter.

His house is not made with hands
but is in the Scientific world,
so his whole aim is the happiness of man.

Now as man is of matter,
his belief embraces all there is of him.

The Scientific Man
sees through this matter
which is nothing but an error
acknowledged as a truth,
although it is
to the natural man
a reality.

Now as error holds on to all territory as under its power - it keeps the Scientific Man in slavery (or bondage).

So to keep the Science of Life down, they invent all sorts of "humbug" in the shape of invisible things - and attribute life to them - while they pretend to be the people's guide to Wisdom.

It is almost impossible to tell one character from another - as both communicate through the same organs.

As the Scientific Man has to prove his Wisdom through the same matter that the natural man uses - he is often misrepresented and put down by false stories - representations of the errors of the natural man.

This was where Christ found so much trouble in his days - for the people could not tell who was speaking.

The Scientific Man was called by the natural man, "Angel."
So if an angel spoke - they would listen.

The natural man - being superstitious and ignorant - is easily led by the cunning errors of the world.

The leaders - being crafty and superstitious - believe in every phenomenon which is produced, and they attribute it to the "invisible world."

The locality of this world is the mystery...
and so all kinds of speculations are got up about it.

It opens all the avenues of matter through which to give the inhabitants communications, but the natural man has possession of the mediums - so that the Scientific Man is misrepresented in nine-tenths of all he says.

Now to be in the Scientific world
is not necessarily to be wise
but to acknowledge a

above the natural man
which will enter that world
Wisdom sees through matter.

This is the condition with those persons who are
"thrown into a clairvoyant state."

To them matter is nothing but an idea
that is seen or not...
just as it is called out.

All of their senses are in this state - but are under the control of the natural man. So it is always hard to establish a fact in this world that goes to destroy the power of the natural man.

All the explanation of this Scientific world is given by these blind guides who have eyes but cannot see... ears but cannot hear... and hearts that cannot understand Science.

They are afraid of the truth
lest it will destroy them,
for their death
is the introduction of the
Science of Life and Happiness.

To show you the two characters conversing through one medium, I will take myself as the medium of the Scientific Man - and also of the Man of Error (or of this world).

When two persons argue, it is supposed that they have some object in view - or there would be no need of reasoning. But nine-tenths of all arguments are about nothing, from the fact that error contains no Wisdom but a belief - which is started by some crazy brain - and acknowledged by the ignorant as true.

Ignorance is roused into action.

This produces error
and error is not confined
to any particular mode of reasoning
but is always attaching its senses
to some opinion
which has been acknowledged
as a truth.

As opinions are always changing,
error does not see the change,
for its senses are not in the change
but in the opinion.

The Scientific Man
attaches his senses to Science,
not to opinions.

For instance, eighteen-hundred years ago there was a man called "Jesus." All admitted the fact that he was a man.

His "theory of action" was reasoning to mankind - so a controversy sprang up in regard to the man.

The Man of Opinions
attaches his senses to the opinions
about the man.

The Scientific Man
saw nothing to affect him
in any way,
so when Jesus was brought before Pilate,
Pilate heard the stories,
but seeing no proof
of any superior wisdom
beyond any man
said that he found no fault in him.

So he attached his senses to the man, Jesus - as a man.
But the superstitious were divided - as they always are.

One class claimed that he came from God.
The other - that he had a devil.

So these two classes were at war with each other, and in their zeal - they attached their senses to the acts of Jesus - as proof of their wisdom.

One party wanted to show that Jesus came from God
and they introduced his cures as proof,
for no man could do as he did
except God be with him.

Their ignorance never saw
that his cures proved nothing
except that he knew more than they did,
which did not prove that he came from any place,
only that he did the cures.

But no man is bound to believe this
because they say so,
anymore than they are bound to believe
that a person who cures another
gets his power from the spirits.

The ignorant say
if it does not come from the spirits,
where does it come from?

Thus the skeptic
is either bound to take their explanation
and believe it is the spirits
or he is an infidel
(or unbeliever).

So it is with the ignorant about Jesus.
They assume as a fact
that you must believe
that Jesus came from God.

If you believe
and acknowledge his cures,
that will not do,
but you must believe
what you and no other person
has any proof of
and which rests only on what
a certain number of persons say.

So the controversy among the people was about something which never had anything to do with Jesus.

This is the way with all persons who attached their senses to an opinion of some other person - without proof.

Jesus, like any other man, was in the hands of the people - and they gave their opinions about the man.

So that the writings of the Old and New Testament contain opinions about the man Jesus - and others.

Man now takes the opinions as the words of Jesus - while Jesus had not the ideas which were attributed to him.

As he had no one to speak for him - I will try to give his ideas as a man. Jesus always wanted to make a difference in regard to his opinions - and what he knew as a Science.

To show how he separated himself as a Man of Opinions from the Scientific Man (or Christ) - it was necessary to show something as proof - and the sick was the problem to be solved.

This separation was a mystery to the people, and their superstition was called into action.

And instead of listening to Jesus when he talked the Christ (or Truth) - they attributed his works to a "power from God" - and all the cures were taken to prove that fact.

If the people could believe that he came from God, it was of no use to know how he cured - for if they knew this, it would destroy the belief that he came from God - and so upset their religion.

Therefore the leaders labored
to prove to the people
that Jesus had
a mission
from heaven to earth
to save souls,
and the cures were only to prove
that he came from God.

Now the believers are in the opinions of man
and not in Christ,
for Christ was Jesus' Science
and this gives the lie
to all the former.

Jesus stood before the world as I do - with this exception.
My own case will explain both.

The two parties who sat in judgment on Jesus were divided on this point.

One party thought he came from heaven - the other thought that the spirits of the dead talked through him. And they hoped to introduce dissension among the people - enough to put down the established religion.

Jesus was in the hands of these bigots and could not explain what he intended to have the people believe. It is so with me.

One class calls me a "spiritualist" - but a hypocrite.
Another calls me "evil" or the devil.
The third says I am an "infidel" - or a disbeliever in Christ.

A fourth - not the least - say I am a harmless" humbug."

The sick is the only class who know anything about what I teach. They say it is a Science - and can be learned.

But as it is in the world of error and superstition... and my judges belong to this class... I am accused, as I have stated - and of course my works are my proof.

Now as I have said, when men argue they think at least that there is some point to start from - or they would not reason.

As the standards of parties are established by error - it is almost impossible to introduce any new science - unless it is explained on some of the theories of the natural man.

Thus all phenomena are thrown into the hands of these blind guides who have pronounced judgment upon everything that has appeared.

So whenever anyone shows a phenomenon - the priest and doctor catch the idea out of the mouth of the author - and explain it on some theory known to the people.

The theory of health is one that has come up many times - and failed - because of the blindness of the wise. So that it has now almost become a terror to the one who has boldness enough to stand up and face the blind leaders of the blind.

You see that Jesus could not stand up against so powerful an enemy - for the instant he spoke - they would put a false construction on his every word.

So they turned the word of God
to no effect
by their theories and traditions.

Thus you see that
with the people
the Wisdom of the Science of Life
had no foundation
but was like a house
built upon the sand...
when the wind of Science
blew upon it
and the tide of public opinion came,
it must fall and be destroyed.

But unto this Science
men have raised altars
with this inscription:
"To the unknown God."

I will say to these guides,
This Science
that you ignorantly worship,
I will declare unto you.

First of all,
you know that mankind
are in the dark
so far as their life is concerned;
that man is
all his life
subject to disease and death;
also that it was foretold
that Christ should come
and lead man back to God.

This same Christ
that you crucify
by your theories
is the same that
Jesus taught
eighteen-hundred years ago.

It was taught by the prophets of old
and has always been in the world
but has never been applied
to the curing of disease,
although false Christs
have arisen
and deceived the people,
and the true Christ
has been crucified
by the priest and doctor
till this time.

I will now try to establish this Science
(or Rock)
and upon it I will build
the Science of Life.

My foundation is animal matter (or life).
This - set in action by Wisdom - produces thought.
Thoughts - like grains of sand - are held together by their own sympathy (or wisdom) (or attraction).

Now man is composed of these particles of matter (or thought) combined and arranged by Wisdom so as to make a form called "man."

As thought is always changing - so man is always throwing off particles (or thoughts) - and receiving new ones.

So man is a progressive idea, yet he is the same man - although he is changing all the time - for better or worse.

As his senses are in his wisdom
and his wisdom is attached to his idea (or body),
his change of mind
is under one of these two directions,
either of this world of opinions
or of God (or Science) -
and his happiness or misery
is the result of his wisdom.

As the idea "man" has always been under the world's wisdom, the Scientific Man has always been kept down - from the fact that no man has ever risen to that state where the Scientific Man could control the wisdom of the natural man.

This has always kept man in a war with himself.

These two powers make up man - and the science is to keep the natural man in subjection to the Scientific Man.

In this warfare, if the natural man rules - disease and death is the fate of the Scientific Man. If the latter rules - life and happiness is the reward.

Now I stand on this rock - fighting the errors of this world - and establishing the Science of Life by my works.

What is my mode of warfare?

With the axe of truth
I strike at the root
of every tree (or error)
and hew it down
so that there shall not be
one error in man
showing itself
in the form of disease.

My wisdom is my knowledge - and not in matter (or opinions).

It decomposes the thought,
changes the combination
and produces an idea
clear from the error
that makes a person unhappy
(or diseased).

You see I have something to reason about
and this something is Eternal Life
and this Life is in the Science.

This was what Jesus tried to establish
so that man could have a starting place,
but the wisdom of this world
tries to account for all phenomena
on some principle
founded on man's opinion,
letting the world grope in darkness.

If I can show that man's happiness is in his belief
and his misery is the effect of his belief,
then I shall have done what never has been done before.

Establish this,
and man rises to a higher state of Wisdom,
not of this world
but of that world of Science
that sees that all human misery
can be corrected
by this principle,
as well as the evil effects
of errors
in any science.

Then the Science of Life takes its place with other sciences.

Then is brought to pass,

"Oh death!
(or error)
Where is thy sting!
Oh grave! Where is thy victory!"

The sting of ignorance is death
but the Wisdom of Science
is life eternal
to all who believe it.

I have said that to reason there must be something to reason about. I will show the world's reasoning - and how I reason.

I will take the oracles of the world - for all science of this world of opinions has oracles.

These oracles of which I speak are those who pretend to instruct the people in regard to health and happiness.

The first is the clergy - for they lead off in everything pertaining to man's happiness.

I will ask them what they think of Christ, his mission if he had any, and of what advantage it was to the world?

They reply that the world (or man)
had gone so far astray
that it was necessary
to send Jesus Christ
into the world
to convince man
of a future state
of rewards and punishments,
that he might repent and be saved.

If this is true I ask -
Why did Jesus devote so much time to the sick?

(Oracle) To show that he came from God.

[Q] What does that prove? If I cure a person - does it prove that I came from God?

(O) No, but do you make yourself equal with Christ?

[Q] Have you any proof of anything that you never saw - and is only an opinion?

(O) The Bible.

[Q] Does the Bible speak for itself, or does someone explain it?

(O) We must take the Bible as our guide of truth.

Let us now sum up this oracle's wisdom.

All of his wisdom is founded on an opinion that there is another world - and that Jesus Christ came from that world to communicate the fact to the inhabitants of this one.

This is all an opinion - sustained by no proof.

On the contrary - everything goes to prove it is false - for the happiness of man is not increased by this false theory, because this oracle cannot cure the sick.

Now Jesus cured the sick and said - if they understood him - they might do the same.

We want a theory like that of Jesus - not of talk but works - for talking a theory that will not cure is worthless.

So if I set down the priests as belonging to the false prophets. The sick are no better for them.

Next are the medical oracles.
These number as many as the former, and are on the increase.

How much knowledge have they independent of an opinion? None!

Yet they have given the people to understand that their wisdom is far above that of the masses - but their knowledge is all opinions, and the sick pay them - as though it were wisdom.

The people have been cheated into a belief that these oracles have more wisdom than they have.

This I admit - otherwise they could not "humbug" the people out of their money - and deprive them of their health and happiness.

My oracle is Jesus.
He proves the goodness of Wisdom.

Jesus was the oracle
and Christ the Wisdom
shown through this man
for the happiness of the lost (or sick)
who had been deceived
by the other two classes:
priest and doctor.

God (or Wisdom)
has seen how these blind guides
have robbed the widow and the poor
of their little goods,
deserted them
and left them forsaken and despairing,
dependent on the charity of a wicked world.

This Wisdom developed itself through the man Jesus
and he fearlessly stood up
and denounced these guides
as hypocrites and devils.

He showed how their theories affected the people
and also that they were in direct opposition
to all science and good feeling,
and he introduced a new theory,
a more excellent priesthood (or Science)
which had no sacrifice of feeling
but took upon itself our infirmities
and explained them for the happiness of man.

What was it that Jesus wanted to communicate to the world?

One simple fact
that man was a progressive being,
that his happiness and misery
were of his own make,
that his belief is his wisdom
and if it is founded on an opinion,
it was liable to make him unhappy.

To separate the truth from the error is a science,
the knowledge of which teaches
how to correct an error (or disease)
and in this knowledge is eternal life.

Jesus never intended to teach the people
a belief in another world.

His words and acts showed them
that their beliefs were false
and that they were the cause of their misery.

But this they could not understand,
and being in their belief,
their belief became a part of their identity.

As they were taught to believe in spirits,
their misery was attributed to them.

And as error begets error,
the people were tormented by their own belief.

It never entered into the minds of these blind leaders
that as a man sows, so shall he reap,
for action and reaction are equal.

The knowledge of Science was not general
and that the belief of man
had anything to do with his health
was a thing not dreamed of.

All that was believed was something that could not be seen - so the prophets prophesied of someone coming from heaven.

Now if heaven was not something that the people believed in away and apart from this earth - then it would not have been in the prophesies.

So this heaven was an established fact - and all their controversies were in regard to it.

They introduced all sorts of mediums that purported to come from - and have communications from - that place.

There was the dwelling of God - and all religious theories were based upon the belief that there was another world where God dwelt - and where He ordered all things according to His own will.

Absurd as this is,
man is made of this composition,
for man is only a mass of matter (or ideas),
combined together
by a Wisdom superior to the matter
of which the ideas are formed.

Science is not recognized in this belief.
For it belongs to that class of minds
which have never risen to a state
where they can discern
that man can perceive anything
independent of his natural senses.

To this class of minds
whatever is not established
is a mystery.

If a lead ball is thrown into the water it sinks to the bottom.
That is a fact.

If a wooden ball is also thrown into the water - it floats - and then comes the mystery.

A medium from the other world is required to explain the phenomenon. Argument is of no force.

The explanation must come from God, and thus it is with every mysterious phenomenon - supernatural power only can explain it.

Thus man is kept constantly excited to understand every little thing that happens.

He never has thought that heaven and hell were a part of his belief and consequently a part of himself - but he believes that these two places are independent of himself - and he is liable to go to one or the other after he is dead.

So he lives in hell all his life, trying to get to heaven - but never gets there, for it is always at a distance - and he is always looking for a savior to save him from hell.

How often we hear
very good people say
that they are weary
of this wicked world
and they long to be with Christ,
showing that they are not there now,
but hope to be.

You see that their faith contains a belief - not a substance.
The faith that is of man
is merely a belief
in something not obtained,
for when the substance is obtained,
then faith (or belief)
is lost in the substance
and they have what they hoped for.

Was Jesus' faith a belief?

No. His faith was the substance of our belief - and that substance was Christ.

Jesus put his faith in practice for the happiness of man.

This substance
(or Christ)
(or faith)
is something intended to be applied to man -
and Jesus put this in practice for his happiness.

The question arises, "Has it an identity?"
Answer: It has.

It is all that ever had an unchangeable identity.

It is Wisdom, itself - but the Christian's faith is an opinion about this Wisdom.

I have said that Jesus' faith had an identity - and to this his senses were attached.

This Jesus could say to his faith, "Father forgive them for they know not what they do."

What did this Christ strive to do?

It strove to enter the heart of man
and teach him how
to break away from his errors

and learn the truth.

Jesus taught Christ - and put it in practice by his works.
Do the Christians do the same?

They preach about it, so their faith is not of works - but a belief. The world is no wiser or better for it.

To prove your faith in music
is to play a tune
on an instrument
by your faith
(or Science),
not to talk about music,
telling about how beautiful it is.

The Science of Health
which Jesus taught
was practiced by his faith (or wisdom)
and his instrument was man.

He took man
after he had been beaten,
bruised and deceived
by the priests and doctors
and applied his Science
(or Christ)
to put him in tune,
so that he could sing psalms
to the one living and true Science
and appreciate Jesus
as the medium
for "he hath opened the seventh seal"
that can correct the errors of man
who shall be saved from disease and misery.

How does Jesus stand by the side of his pretended followers? He talked and taught his Christ to the people.
Priest and doctor talk about it. Here is a vast difference.

Jesus put intelligence in the Christ (or Science).
The Christians put no intelligence in Christ (or Science)
but apply all the intelligence to Jesus,
calling the Christ a power.

The difference has always been kept up. The natural man cannot see intelligence in anything he cannot understand.

Therefore the Christ (or Intelligence) of Jesus is to him a power or mystery - and he wanted to know whence it came.

This ignorance on the part of the priests and people originated all their speculation about Jesus.

The Christ (or Higher Intelligence) was shrouded in darkness to them, for they could not see why he - merely a man - should be more than a man.

Everyone knows that a clairvoyant state is different from the natural state. Let me illustrate what all will admit.

Persons in a clairvoyant state can talk, using the same organs as when awake. They also have every faculty which they have in their waking state - independent of the natural body - and space and time may or may not be annihilated.

They act entirely independently of anyone, and when awakened - may not remember anything that has been going on.

Here you see a being acting independently of the natural body (or the identity of flesh and blood) - with all the organs and senses of the natural man.

Now where is this identity when the natural man is acting - for both cannot be acting at the same time?

Everyone will perceive that if a man could retain his reason and natural senses and at the same time be conscious of the other state - he would be a man beside himself - thus making two living intelligences in one identity, acting through one medium.

Thus the Clairvoyant Man could correct the errors of the man of flesh-and-blood - and keep him in subjection to his Wisdom.

This was Jesus Christ.

To have this Christ was to be born again
(or receive the Higher Wisdom).
This Wisdom (or Christ)
was the mystery to mankind.

This was the Christ that should reign
till all error should be subject to it.

being the off-spring of error,
deceives the people,
making them nervous,
and liable to death,
for all this is matter
and belongs to the man
of flesh-and-blood.

But it is the design of Wisdom
that matter should be
the servant
of this
Clairvoyant Man
(or Science)

Therefore when Jesus received this wisdom,
he became God and man.

When the man spoke,
it was like anyone else,
but when the Christ spoke,
it spoke
not as a man,
for that is of God
(or Wisdom)
"from above."

Jesus taught the people
to distinguish by their works
the true Christ from the false.

It must have proved its source by works,
for he says,
"Not everyone who says "I am Christ"
is so, himself -
but he that doeth the will
of the Wisdom that sent me."

Let us see if a test can be found - such as Jesus laid down.

When he called his disciples together, he gave them power over all unclean spirits - and sent them forth to heal the sick.

Here is the test
of the Clairvoyant
(or Christ)
(or Wisdom).

How did he apply it when he cured disease?

Of course, if he was in this state all the time,
all things were present to him
so that not a sparrow could fall to the ground
unnoticed by him,
not Jesus,
for although the Christ
was made known through Jesus,
it was only made known
according to the necessities of the time
when he, Jesus, lived.

I will take one of his miracles
to show that Jesus and Christ
acted together.

When the centurion came to Jesus
to tell him that his servant was sick,
Jesus was not aware of the fact
but immediately became subject
to his clairvoyant state,
saw the servant
and administered unto him.

Then he said to the centurion,
"Go thy way,
and according to thy faith
so it shall be unto thee."

So the centurion left
and the servant was healed
in the self-same hour.

Now this is as plain to me
as any cure I ever performed.

This was not a power
but a Higher Wisdom
that the world knows not of.

I will now introduce myself, showing that I cure in the same way.

Everyone knows that there is a difference in clairvoyance. Subjects differ in the direction of their minds.

I do not practice clairvoyance - except with the sick - and I will show others how to be clairvoyant like myself.

I said that a clairvoyant does not remember what he says in his sleep. To put a person into a clairvoyant state is to change him from one state to another. So as he loses his natural senses, he embraces the other senses (or clairvoyant state) - till he is completely lost to this world of matter.

I will show how I first discovered this state.

This state is progression
- not imitation -
but independent clairvoyance.

When I first began to mesmerize - and as I became interested in the experiments - I found that the subject could see through matter.

I could not help believing this - and it showed me that matter could be seen through by a Clairvoyant. So it became - not an opinion - but a truth to me.

I also found that all that man's senses embraced could be seen and felt by a person whose bodily senses were dead - if we judged by the body.

All this became a wisdom - not a belief - but a part of my identity. So what is a belief to the world concerning these things was to me a truth.

My next aim
was to become
a Clairvoyant,

and as I became convinced
that matter was only a medium
for our wisdom to act through,
I could see how it could be transformed
and the senses
(or clairvoyant state)

be attached to any idea
the natural man might think of.

The two kinds of reasoning make up the natural man.

Both modes of reasoning can be carried into the clairvoyant state - for this does not embrace reason.

To make a good clairvoyant, one must - beginning on earth - rid himself of all beliefs in every theory of man.

And as he sees the absurdity of his own opinions - he becomes lighted up in another atmosphere - where he feels the discord of this world.

He then becomes sensitive to the errors and opinions of man. They affect him - and make him nervous.

All his senses become entirely independent of his natural will (or senses). Then he is two persons.

This is my state - as far as regards the sick.

When I sit by the sick and take them by the hand, I feel a sensation. This affects me - and the sensation is produced by something coming within my senses, as a man of flesh-and-blood.

This excites the Spiritual (or Scientific) Man, and the senses - being freed from matter (or opinion) - see the natural man (or opinion) that causes the trouble.

As I retain two identities, I see the error - and explain it to the natural senses. These are set at rest - and harmony is restored.

I cannot find language to explain this, so that you will understand it.

I will take the science of mechanics to illustrate these two principles. The word "statics" is used in calculating stationary powers - as weighing on scales, hoisting from a vessel by a cable, dropping a dead weight, etc.

All this combines action - and reaction.
They constitute - and come under - the head of statics.
The natural man - and even the brutes
have a knowledge of this.

The principle of dynamics is from a Higher Wisdom - known only to statics as a mystery.

Here is where the foundation of Science commences.

Dynamics - like clairvoyance - puts man in possession of a Higher Wisdom. So that a man understanding the Science can see through the statics (or natural man).

An experiment of this Wisdom
is seen in a person
standing on board a vessel,
hauling her up to a wharf
with the line made fast on shore,
while one standing on the wharf
hauling in the vessel
by a line made fast to the vessel
acts upon statics.

The difference is just one-half.

The one on the vessel
with half the power
of the one on the wharf
will be twice as long as the other,
for he travels with the vessel.

So it is with everything
where the power moves
with the weight
(or body)
to be moved.

This is dynamics
and it makes all the controversy
in calculating powers
that are in motion
as steamboats,
locomotives, etc.

Man, being matter
is always in motion,
for in this is his life.

Like a steamboat,
his time is calculated
and the steam kept up
by supplying food
as the mind uses it up.

His life depends upon two principles.

The wisdom of the savage (or natural man)
is all statics,
or might is right.

As he begins to progress,
his life and happiness
will be governed by a
higher principle
of Wisdom.

So as he loses in error,
he must be supplied by Wisdom
or his force will destroy his body.

For he is now a locomotive man
instead of a sawmill.

His machine is in motion
and his sawmill calculation
will not govern it.

This holds good in every department of life.
The dynamical calculation is based on progression.

Statics (or demagogism) is different.
Statics is darkness.
Dynamics is light
and the people are under
one or the other
of these two classes.

All nations have shown
that the principle of statics
has governed,
for as yet
no nation
has stood the test of time
for all have broken to pieces
when they have got up the steam.

The regulator of dynamics
has never been attached
to the engine of Wisdom,
and until that is done,
revolutions must take place.

Then comes anarchy,
and tyranny,
and the people have to yield
to a superior power
that keeps them in subjection
till their fears are forgotten.

Then they fire up again - and blow to pieces.
This principle holds good in nations - as well as in individuals.

Disease is the natural result of demagogism.





Dr. Phineas Parkhurst Quimby



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