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Perfect wisdom embraces every idea in existence, and therefore, every idea that comes to the light through the senses existed before, to wisdom. Every person who was, or ever will be, existed as much before he ever came to our senses, as afterwards; the same as any mathematical problem (or truth). Man's intelligence is a truth that existed before he took form (or was seen by the natural eye).

Man's body is only a machine, and its senses are its medium to wisdom; the same as science is the medium to wisdom. The real man is never seen by the natural senses, but the real man makes himself known through science to his natural senses; as a person who knows a fact can teach it to another. Wisdom (or knowledge), he teaches through science, and he uses his senses to explain this science; for his senses are all the medium the natural man knows. The real man is God - or the First Cause. Every idea that man embraces comes through his natural senses, but this real man is not seen, but is truth (or wisdom).

The natural man may be compared to a checker board and science and opinion, the players. Public opinion (or common sense) stands looking on, and represents spectators. The wisdom that is superior is that which sees and knows the principle of the game. Now opinion makes a move, and the natural man (or common sense) says it cannot be bettered. But science sees the working of opinion and makes him move in such a way as to compel his opponent to destroy himself; for he knows that opinion knows nothing, as he should know it. Every move of opinion suggests his opponent's move. So if one knows his game and the other does not - the ignorant one is beaten every time. But if both are ignorant, they think they play a very scientific game.

Now there are certain games (or arguments) which men play called “theories” that have no foundation (or basis), and there is no way to test them, because one is not the least above his neighbor, and neither can prove anything.





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